Implant Dentistry FAQS

Your Dental Implant need to bond (integrate) with the bone after they have been put in. This takes at least 2-3 months in the lower jaw and the upper jaw. Sometimes the implants maybe stable enough when they are fitted for the artificial teeth to be attached much sooner than this.

You will not experience any pain or discomfort. You will be relaxed and at ease throughout the procedure. You are not unconscious at any time. Just in a deeply relaxed state.

The body will not reject a dental implant. Dental implants are made from titanium which is completely biocompatible (compatible with body tissue). Over time the dental implant will actually integrate with the surrounding bone and become a part of the body.

As our life span increases. The need for some type of permanent dental replacement system becomes very important to our overall health. Dentures and removable bridges are loose and unstable. Causing many problems for wearers. Dental implants provide patients with both functional and esthetic benefits and can dramatically increase a patient’s quality of life.

You will definitely need to clean daily around the Implants. Brushing as well as flossing is of great importance. There may be the need for a prescription mouth rinse which can further help you keep your Implants healthy. Electronic tooth brushes can also be helpful for cleaning around Implants. Other cleaning aid may be recommended during your consultation.

There are really not many things that can go wrong with Dental Implants. Most cases where Implants have failed or gone wrong are due to a dentist who is poorly trained in these techniques. Patients must always seek out experienced practitioners to perform this kind of work to ensure proper results.

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