Infection Control

Infection control is top priority

Infection control is top priority at Amirad Family Dentistry many of the supplies used during any dental treatment are disposable and are not reused.

All other instruments used are stainless steel or made of a plastic that can be sterilized under extreme heat and pressure in an autoclave sterilizer. All surface areas are cleaned and disinfected between each appointment.
Diseases control and prevention of cross-contamination is required for the health benefits of all patients and staff at Amirad Family Dentistry!

We follow four tier sterilization...

We follow four tier sterilization procedure for non-disposable instruments: 1. All instruments are scrubbed with spirit swabs to remove any debris. 2. The instruments are immersed in an ultrasonic device containing sterilizing solution for standard disinfection. 3. The standard sterilization method used in our dental office is Autoclaving. These measures are carried out rigorously and demonstrate our commitment to your safety. 4. Dental instruments in sterile packages are stored in UV chamber to maintain the sterilization.
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