We offer free parking for all times of treatment. All patients can park in the parking space of hullmark building.

Parking in the city of Toronto is a big deal, so it has an impact on many business.
For this reason, stores and service centers are gathering in places like mall and plaza.

Unfortunately, some services such as dentistry have also been moved to these sites to satisfy patients.


The hullmark building

If we believe that offices such as dental or medical offices should be established in order to maintain professional standing and adherence to health principles in appropriate buildings so that the patient can feel safe both in terms of health and professional principle.

Because of this we decided to build our own office in a fashionable and clean building.
And on the other hand, we found it to be in a convenient location for easy access to the office.
The hullmark building is easily accessible to anyone who does not use the car because it is located on the subway. As well as being clean and stylish.

Our suggestion

Our suggestion is for those using the car to use the 4789 hullmark parking lot for free. To reach the 4789 hullmark building parking lot you must first enter the entrance to the whole food parking lot after receiving the ticket and then head to the 4789 parking lot located at level 2 underground. You will then reach the unit 420 located on the fourth floor via the elevator. When leaving, you will be provided with a free parking ticket by the office staff. The use of free indoor parking, especially on cold, snowy and rainy days, and easy access to the office is one of the Amirad Family Dentistry facilities.
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