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The Amirad Family Dentistry  provides a truly unique experience in dental care, by taking advantage of the most technically advanced systems and the best costumer services, situated in the heart of North York. The practice sets the Standard of dental excellence by following all the disinfection and sterilization procedures needed for infection control.Welcome Amirad Family Dentistry




We strive to make Amirad Family Dentistry

Unique by providing the highest level of dentistry, outstanding customer service, the latest dental technology and equipment, all in a convenient atmosphere that is warm, friendly and relaxed, within house general sedation center and state of art anesthesia monitoring equipment. We provide sedation dentistry to make your treatment stress free. The practice is equipped with the latest dental facilities and technology to provide you with world class dental care and make your visit as comfortable as possible.

About Amirad Family Dentistry

Since 1992, Amirad Family Dentistry has been providing expert dental care to its patients with the latest treatment options in comprehensive clinical dentistry using standardized infection control measures. Do not hesitate to confide in us regarding any worries you have about you and your family’s oral health. We will always take time to answer your questions and give you every opportunity to discover the joy of smiling!

We look forward to providing you great service and years of trusted care!

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