Dental Implant North York

Those who prefer to hold back their smile due to their lost teeth should start their journey at Amirad Family Dentistry to receive world-class dental implants in North York.

FAQs Answered by Dental Implant Experts

In addition to all the useful points we mentioned about this advanced cosmetic dental option, the patients may ask many questions to ensure dental implant can effectively fit their dental needs. Below, we provide rational responses to some of the common questions our patients frequently ask during their dental implant visits in our North York clinic:

During the initial phase, we accurately check your oral health to ensure there won’t be any problem during your implant procedure. Our experienced implant dentist in North York will also check your health history to determine you don’t suffer from serious health issues like blood pressure or diabetes. This is because they may interfere with successful dental implant outcomes. They will start the surgery by using some anesthesia to numb the site.

Therefore, you won’t experience any pain. When the metal fixture is successfully placed in your jawbone, you should wait 3 or 4 months for your second appointment to get the artificial tooth. At Amirad Family Dentistry, we will help you regain your beautiful smile and powerful chewing ability through successful dental implants in North York. You can always count on our dental implant team to regain your healthy smile. Call us right away.

At Amirad Family Dentistry, we proudly work with a patient-friendly staff who are happy to answer all your questions about dental implants. You can give us a phone call at (416) 221-9000 or even schedule an online appointment to arrange for a free consultation about dental implants in North York.

Pain-Free Dental Implants in North York

At Amirad Family Dentistry, we proudly work with highly accomplished & experienced dental professionals who are experts in performing successful dental implants in North York at affordable rates. If you choose our clinic for dental implants, you can be assured of getting a superior level of care during dental implant surgery in North York.
Our dental implants can be the right solution if you are looking for a permanent tooth replacement to restore your smile and confidence. Whether you are looking for a single tooth replacement or full-arch dental implants in North York, Amirad Family Dentistry is the right destination. Call us at (416) 221-9000 and experience an enjoyable and stress-free dental implant visit in north York!
Dental Implants North York

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What Are Dental Implants?

Generally, a tooth implant is a tiny screw made of titanium surgically inserted in the jaw bone to play the role of the natural tooth root. Once the surgical area properly heals, our North York implant specialist places an artificial tooth, also known as a crown, on this permanent restoration to improve the patient’s smile and oral functionality.
At Amirad Family Dentistry, our dental professionals are equipped with a full range of top-notch dentistry tools and the latest technology to perform exceptional and painless dental implant treatment in North York. Call us immediately and undergo Best-in-class dental implant surgery in North York to sustain a functioning set of teeth for a lifetime.
Moreover, our clinic is well-reputed to offer a full range of cosmetic dental treatments and ensure you will leave the clinic with a big toothy smile. Teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental crowns, dentures and Invisalign are just some of our beneficial cosmetic dental services. Free consultation is available for those who need more information in this regard.

Dental Implant Toronto

Health Benefits of Dental Implant Procedure

benefits that positively impact your oral health. Below, we listed some precious health benefits of our North York dental implants that convince everyone to choose this option rather than all other available options:

  • Teeth implants are designed in a modern way to look, feel, and function like permanent teeth.
  • They fit securely.
  • They don’t threaten the health of the surrounding.
  • They are convenient and don’t require special care.
  • They could prevent orthodontic issues.
  • And many other benefits.
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