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If you need the help of a highly-trained & experienced emergency dentist in North York, call (416) 221-9000 for urgent help.

FAQs Provided by a Knowledgeable Emergency Dentist

All of us are susceptible to experiencing a common type of dental emergency at some point in our lives. These conditions require immediate dental care; otherwise, further complications may arise that put our overall health at severe risk. You can glance at the list of common questions our patients frequently ask during their emergency dental visits in North York to get-well-informed in this regard:

Those who tend to put off urgent dental visits due to various reasons are usually unaware of the life-threatening consequences of dental emergencies. The following problems are just a few examples of dental issues that you can develop if you wait a long time to visit our North York emergency dentist

  • The risk of severe gum diseases will increase.
  • Dental infection may spread to all other body members and cause long-term damage.
  • Your damaged teeth look discolored and may need teeth whitening and dental veneers.

As soon as you enter our emergency dental clinic in North York, experienced urgent care providers will try their best to relieve your pain. Then they will thoroughly examine your condition to determine how severely your teeth are damaged. They will immediately start your emergency dental treatment to save your natural teeth and help you avoid further complex conditions. Our North York emergency dentist is dedicated to performing various treatments, including root canal therapy, tooth extraction, and replanting, to ensure your oral health is in good shape. Give us a call right away.

Our primary objective is to ensure that the cost of dental treatment does not hinder our clients from receiving the high-quality care they deserve, desire, or require to deal with their urgent dental issues. To accomplish this, Amirad Family Dentistry has established the following range of financial options:


  • The clinic adheres to the most up-to-date provincial fee guide for their services.
  • The clinic accommodates both assignment and non-assignment of insurance benefits, providing flexibility for clients in their insurance coverage preferences.
  • The practice is using the EDI/ CDA net service.
  • As part of our practice policy, we promptly submit the treatment plan to the insurance company for processing. Our diligent receptionist ensures timely follow-up on the treatment plan within 7 days.


If you require additional information regarding the exceptional payment options provided by Amirad Family Dentistry for emergency dental services in North York and the surrounding area, please do not hesitate to visit us. We are more than happy to assist you over the phone and address any inquiries you may have.

Quality, Affordable Emergency Dental Care in North York

Our well-reputed dental clinic offers a broad range of modern equipment to ensure our North York emergency dental team can easily diagnose and treat your urgent dental conditions during the early moments and the risk of permanent health issues is prevented.
Our highly-dedicated emergency dentist offers convenient hours to provide your required urgent dental procedures as soon as possible. Same-day appointments are available for emergency dental services in North York.


Emergency Dentist North York

A Certified Emergency Dentist in North York

At Amirad Family Dentistry, we proudly work with a highly-dedicated emergency dentist in North York who strives to minimize your dental damages, reduce your dental pain and restore your healthy smile. Dental emergencies may accidentally occur with no warning symptoms beforehand. In such cases, seeking emergency dental care is the only beneficial solution to stay away from further complications.

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Common Types of Dental Emergencies

Unbearable toothaches, life-threatening gum diseases, and severely broken teeth are just some dental emergencies that should be immediately treated. Some dental issues, like dental cavities, are preventable, while the others, like knocked-out teeth, may occur out of the blue during a car accident or high-contact sports. In the following parts, we provide a list of common dental emergencies that force you to make an urgent dental appointment at our North York emergency dental clinic:

  • Sharp ; continued dental pain
  • Severely-chipped or cracked teeth
  • Lost dental filling
  • Non-stop dental bleeding
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Severely decayed or infected teeth
Emergency Dentist Toronto

At Amirad Family Dentistry, we try our best to successfully handle various dental emergencies in North York and help you have a pleasant experience during a very unpleasant time. Here, we also provide some beneficial types of cosmetic dental options to preserve the physical aspects of your smile while solving your problems.

Teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental implants, Invisalign, and dentures are just a few examples of services we provide for our valued patients. Book your appointment now with our top-rated cosmetic dentist in North York.

Avoiding a Life-Threatening Emergency Dental Condition

Although some dental emergencies are not preventable, you can decrease the risk of some dental emergencies by following some simple and effective methods, including:

  • Sticking to good oral hygiene, including on-time brushing, flossing
  • Visiting the general dentist
  • Wearing protective mouth guards during contact sports


Amirad Family Dentistry, our North York emergency dentist is standing by to fix broken or knocked-out teeth immediately; therefore, you can return to your routine life and do what you love.

Appropriate Time for Scheduling an Urgent Dental Appointment 

Promptness is crucial when it comes to seeking emergency dental treatment. Certain dental emergencies, such as knocked-out teeth, necessitate immediate action to preserve the natural tooth. In the following part, we outline the most common signs that can potentially force you to go to a well-reputed emergency dental clinic in North York:

Extensive Dental Pain

Persistent toothaches lasting for extended periods can serve as an early indication that emergency dental care is necessary.

Swollen Gums

Once you notice gum swelling in your mouth, it is crucial to promptly seek the services of the finest emergency dentist near your local area. Failing to do so increases the risk of losing your natural tooth.

Bleeding Gums

While it’s common to notice a few blood spots while brushing your teeth, persistent bleeding is an alarming sign that indicates the need for immediate attention from a highly experienced emergency dentist in North York.

At our prominent emergency dental clinic, we prioritize addressing your problems through quality, affordable dental emergency services in North York. Delaying treatment for dental emergencies may result in lasting oral and overall health complications that may become unmanageable. Contact us and take great steps to manage your emergency dental problems.

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