Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Dr. Amir H Sarbaz

D.D.S (1989), previous residency in Oro-Maxillo-Facial Surgery (1991), NDEB (1999), PG certificate in Implant Dentistry from UFT (2001)

Dr.Sepideh Faridrad

D.D.S (1989). NDEB (1999), PG Certificate in cosmetic Dentistry ( ).

Dr. Amitis Sarbaz

D.D.S (2017), Orthodontic fellowship (2019), Residence of orthodontic (2020)

About Us

Dr. Amir Homayoun Sarbaz

As a dentist with over thirty years of experience his job is to present you with well-rounded treatment options that are in your interest. Dr. Sarbaz has special interest in oral surgery such as Dental implants treatments and Rehabilitation of jaw and teeth by jawbone reconstruction and tooth replacement and he is also skilled in facial and neck rejuvenation using Botox and Filler. He got his post graduate certificates in Implant Dentistry from university of Toronto and in laser from Aachen university in Germany. Services he recommends to his patients will always be latest, The best and the most appropriate.

Dr. Sepideh Faridrad

Dr. Farid with over thirty years of experience has earned many certificate which enable her to treat many dental needs from oral surgery and cosmetic dentistry to children dentistry.
With Dr. Farid’s diverse background, you can rest assured you are in the very best hands.

Dr. Farid has extensive experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry and has a long working experience in creating beautiful smile designs for her patients with help of composite and porcelain veneers. (laminates)

Dr. Farid believes in painless and stress-free dentistry by taking a sedation course at the university of Toronto. This procedure is performed for patients interested in sedation by her.

Dr. Amitis Sarbaz

Dr. Amitis Sarbaz as a youngest doctor in our Team with knowledge of the demands of the younger generation and with the latest scientific knowledge as a complementary force to the Team.

She is currently pursuing an education in orthodontics and after completing her specially in strengthening the orthodontics department of Amirad Family Dentistry, will be admitted to the clinic.


Disipline is very important in any profession, in some profession such as dentistry, because of the sensivity of medical issues, it is more important.

Maintaning the right relationship between the clinic staff, the dentist and the patient’s work arrangments and performance financial matters and patient insurance in a friendly and respectfull enviroment are the most important duties of a clinical manager.

Mrs. , with a long experience in this field, is one of the best managers that an office can have, and our patients will be very happy to see her and commuinicate with her.

We are confident she will do her best to satisfy our patients and do the right thing in the office.


Establishing the right relationship between the patient and the practitioner is the important task of receptionist. Providing appropriate time to the patient based on the patient’s working conditions and responsibilities is very important, and will result in patient satisfaction. It is important for us that patients receive support and care from the office.


Ms.       in charge of our reception with smiling and patient face has always strived to improved the satisfaction of the patients in the office and has been upgraded by accepting patient criticism.


One of the most important tasks of a dental office is cleaning gums and teeth and careful oral examination. This is done by a professional person called dental Hygienist.

Having the right knowledge and skills and building a good relationship with the patient is a good way to accomplish this task.

Our good office hygienists do their work so carefully and sincerely that in the end, most patients are always willing to keep in touch with the office.


Our assistant Mrs. And with great ability in dentistry to assist the dentist and provide a comfortable enviroment for the patient make it easy and expedient for the patient to work and play an important role in making the patient feel confident.

They have a very friendly relationship with our patients and you can easily tell them what you want to do better.

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