Nitrous oxide sedation

Levels of Sedation

There are three main levels of sedation dentistry or sleep dentistry in Torento. we explain each Level of Sedation:

1) Anxiolysis

This is the method of light sedation. There are several ways to sedate a patient to result to Anxiolysis. The most common is the inhalation of nitrous oxide. The patient will then be totally relaxed and ready for treatment.


2) Conscious sedation

A more moderate sedation will occur from either oral sedation or the inhalation of nitrous oxide. This will induce a relaxed state where the patient is still awake and able to respond. But will feel in a state of extreme relaxation.


Level of Sedation-Conscious sedation
Deep sedation

3) Deep sedation

This is often the state between conscious and unconsciousness. The patient will not be able to respond to any commands. Visit us at amirad dental clinic in Toronto to experience this type of dental service.

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