We at Amirad Family Dentistry are trained to remove teeth gently and precisely, preserving the bony structures underneath. Depending on if they are removing a single tooth or multiple teeth. You have the option of being comfortably sedated during the procedure. We will gladly answer your questions about dental extractions and how you would like to replace these teeth.

Modern Dentistry

Now a day in modern dentistry it is always recommended to fill the cavity of the extracted tooth with grafted material. This also preserves the jaw bone form and there will be enough bone in the future if the patient wants to use an implant to replace the missing tooth.
At Amirad Family Dentistry the socket preserve is easily done with the GBR method for all patients who request.


Extraction is performed due to different factors:

• Decay is so extensive that the tooth is irreparable • A tooth shows signs of a vertical root fracture • Gum disease and periodontitis has severely broken down the tooth’s support structure and where bone grafting is not indicated. • When finances dictated a more affordable solution to a dental problem. • When a tooth is growing in a direction that is unfavorable.
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