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FAQs about Oral Surgery Services

As discussed earlier, our dental specialists and oral surgeons in Toronto put all their effort into work to provide the best-quality services and help you regain your proper oral health. If you still need more information about what oral surgeons do to meet your dental needs, you can review some frequently asked questions we have provided here. We are also always ready to answer your question about our oral surgery services in Toronto.

Are Various Types of Oral Surgery Associated with Pain & Complications?

Absolutely no. Since your oral surgery specialist will use anesthesia to numb the site prior to surgery, you won’t experience any pain or discomfort during the procedure. In some cases, our Toronto oral surgeon may suggest sedation to ensure you won’t experience any irritation or even remember anything. At Amirad Family Dentistry, you may also be prescribed some pain relievers to deal with your dental pain after the surgery. If your pain continues for more than a while, do not hesitate to contact our oral surgeon in Toronto.

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How Long Does It Take for Recovery after Oral Surgery Treatment?

Once your surgical treatment is successfully done, you should carefully follow the take-care tips recommended by your dentists to speed up your recovery. You should rest for several days after the surgery and then return to your normal life. You should keep in mind some bad habits like smoking tobacco products and having alcoholic beverages may prolong the recovery period. Contact our Toronto oral surgeons immediately if you feel anything creepy around the surgical sites.

Dedicated Oral Surgeon in Toronto

Amirad Family Dentistry is well-reputed for providing specialized care delivered by a professional oral surgeon in Toronto. Every valued patient who needs the help of a knowledgeable and sophisticated oral surgeon should schedule a time to visit us at Amirad Family Dentistry. This is because our top-rated Toronto oral surgeon and dental experts will try their best to provide a comprehensive range of services under one roof for oral and maxillofacial patients who live.
Our dental surgery team will use innovative strategies and top-of-the-line dentistry equipment to make your dental visit an enjoyable experience. We will ensure to provide full-scope oral surgery in Toronto and meet superior standards.

Don’t hesitate to contact our clinic at (416) 221-9000 if you require to visit a highly-experienced oral surgeon at Our Dental Clinic in Toronto.

Oral Surgeon Toronto

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Various Types of Oral Surgery

Although most dental issues can be treated through nonsurgical dental treatments, some complicated cases require a specific type of oral surgery at our Toronto clinic. In the following part, we provide a list of the most important oral surgeries that are commonly performed all around the world:

Dental implant
• Tooth extraction for impacted teeth
Wisdom tooth extraction
Endodontic treatments
Bone grafting
• Repairing teeth or jaw damages

Dedicated Oral Surgeon in Toronto

Amirad Family Dentistry takes pride in providing painless and affordable oral surgery procedures in Toronto and beyond. Our trained staff and dental experts are always ready to deliver excellent dental care to deal with your stress and anxiety when it comes to oral surgery services. It is no exaggeration to claim that our clinic is an exceptional oral surgery practice because our initial priorities include patient satisfaction and avoiding urgent dental conditions.

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