What Are Common Emergency Dental Care Treatments

Emergency Dental Care
Maintaining standard oral hygiene and following regular dental checkups aren't necessarily enough to prevent dental emergencies! Dental emergencies are considered the most serious dental problems an individual can experience. They usually happen unexpectedly and can make you significantly anxious and stressed. In such cases, it's necessary to know how to react to preserve your oral health and increase the chance of saving your tooth. Our professional emergency dentists at Amirad Family Dentistry are always available to offer you proper emergency dental care services in order to restore your oral health. Dental emergencies cause people to miss tons of tasks and work each year. Therefore, it's essential to visit an emergency dentist as soon as you face such conditions. Unfortunately, many can't understand whether their situation is an emergency, so they postpone visiting an emergency dentist, which can lead to more severe conditions. Emergency dentists provide a wide range of procedures to address dental emergencies in the best way possible. Here we list common treatments for emergency dental care. Our services: Dental Extractions in Toronto

Dental trauma treatment

Trauma to your face can lead to severe dental emergencies such as tooth loss. These incidents are significantly traumatic and can cause tooth shifting and bleeding. In order to preserve your oral health after experiencing dental trauma, it's vital to visit an emergency dentist as soon as possible. Your dentist can save your knocked-out tooth if you are quick enough to visit them at the right time. Otherwise, your emergency dentist will refer you to an implant dentist or other specialists to get a tooth replacement and restore your smile.

Lost or damaged tooth restoration

If you have a dental filling or crown, you must be careful, as they can get damaged or missing. Such conditions may quickly turn into a dental emergency if it causes severe dental pain and irritation. Once your tooth is unprotected, the bacteria can invade your exposed tooth and cause periodontal disease and gum inflammation. Your emergency dentist can treat the decay and infection, and you might be referred to a cosmetic dentist to replace the damaged cosmetic crown or filling. Read more: When Can You Say a Natural Tooth Is Impacted

Repairing a cracked tooth

Once you notice your tooth is cracked or chipped, you shouldn't hesitate to visit your emergency dentist. A cracked tooth can have many different reasons, including trauma, biting on hard objects, or damaging oral habits like teeth grinding. If you leave a cracked tooth untreated, it can cause more severe complications such as tooth decay, gum problems, and infection. Your emergency dentist can repair a cracked tooth in the best way possible. They may use cosmetic veneers, bonding, or crowns to fix the tooth and restore your smile.

Toothache relief

Many different situations can cause toothache. Your emergency dentist can detect the main cause of your dental pain after examining your oral condition carefully. Pulp and gum abscesses or the inflammation of an impacted wisdom tooth are some common causes of toothache. Based on your condition, your emergency dentist may recommend a treatment plan that may contain oral surgery if needed. Remember to ask your emergency dentist to teach effective prevention ways to avoid dental emergencies as much as possible.



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