What Dental Procedures Can a General Dentist Provide?

What Dental Procedures Can a General Dentist Provide?
In a nutshell, a general dentist is a professional offering the general maintenance of dental health and hygiene. The general dentist is the one you mostly visit for a checkup or when you feel strange pain in your mouth. As a result, general dentists are the most popular dental specialists you need to cooperate with if you want to preserve your oral health. Our specialists at Amirad Family Dentistry have helped hundreds of patients successfully achieve the smile of their dreams. You can visit our general dentists if you are looking for top-notch dental care and want to reach your oral health goals. General dentists provide primary health care for people of all ages and can find the best solution based on your needs. They may also refer you to other dental specialists if they see your problem is too severe and requires more professional treatments. Just like a family dentist, a general dentist can also look after the general health of the entire family from infancy on. Today's blog explains the most common procedures you may need to be offered by a general dentist. Read more: When Can You Say a Natural Tooth Is Impacted?

Teeth and Gums Healthy

Keeping your mouth healthy is an important responsibility you have to take. Your oral health is directly related to your overall health, and each oral health issue can negatively affect your physical state. For instance, periodontal disease can increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease. A general dentist can treat a wide array of problems, usually categorized as gum disease and cavities. Your general dentist may offer a dental filling to treat an early-stage cavity or root canal therapy if the infection has reached the pulp. They may refer you to an experienced emergency dentist if your condition is out of control and requires more complicated procedures. You can ask your general dentist for effective prevention methods to avoid such problems and protect your smile.

Partial or Full Dentures

If you have lost a few or all of your natural teeth due to periodontal disease or tooth decay, dentures can be a good idea to restore your smile. There are many different tooth replacement options you can choose from, but a general dentist usually offers only denture services. You can visit an implant dentist if you like dental implants or bridges. Our services: Dental Implant in toronto

Cosmetic Dentistry 

It may be surprising to know that a general dentist can also offer cosmetic dental procedures. A general dentist pays attention to your cosmetic purposes as well as your teeth and gums' health. If you aren't satisfied with your smile appearance, a general dentist can help you with a few cosmetic dental procedures:
  • Teeth whitening: If your teeth are yellowish and discolored, professional teeth whitening can help you. A general dentist can whiten your smile through this treatment and remove all stains on your teeth.
  • Veneers: If your teeth are severely discolored, stained, or misshapen, getting cosmetic veneers is a good idea. You can also ask your general dentist for porcelain crowns if you can't be a good candidate to get veneers.
General dentists meet your expectations and provide great patient care and services.



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