What Factors Can Increase the Risk of Implant Failure?

What Factors Can Increase the Risk of Implant Failure?
One of the most considerable revolutions in the field of dentistry is dental implants, for sure. Before that, having a missing tooth was considered an unsolvable problem, and the patient had no other choice but to live that way or choose poor options such as traditional dentures. These options were also not as natural-looking as they were supposed to be and could be very irritating to the patient. Thanks to implant dentistry, all these problems are resolved now as they are the most natural-looking and functional tooth replacement options an individual can choose. In our clinic, Amirad Family Dentistry, the best implant specialists are ready to help you regain your healthy smile and enjoy laughing once again. However, you need to have all the important information before undergoing this treatment because it costs a lot of money, energy, and time, and you don't want it to be wasted. Although we offer the best quality implant services in North York, it doesn't mean the risk of failure is zero. Having enough information is also effective on the final result and can make the procedure succeed or fail. Keep reading this blog to understand what factors can affect this procedure and how to prevent implant failure. Our serveces : Cosmetic Dentistry in torento

Implant Loosening

This problem can have different causes, which should be detected by an experienced professional. Insufficient jawbone, improper placement techniques, and bad lifestyle habits are some common reasons for this issue. Our general dentists can give you the most helpful tips about good dental habits so you can protect your implants better. Your dentist can readjust them or use more advanced procedures if they notice your implants are loose.

Allergic Reactions

It explains why initial checkups are very important before starting the treatment. There are many different types of implants offered in various materials, and you need to be very careful when choosing one, considering the allergic risk. People who are allergic to titanium can't be a good implant candidate, and our dentists will suggest other options to minimize the possible complications. It's better to discuss your medical history with your dentist before beginning the procedure. Read more: What Factors Can Increase the Risk of Implant


A very severe danger to your oral wellness after replacing your missing teeth is infection. Such cases can ruin your new implants, leading to bone loss and treatment failure. That's why our experts may refer you to our periodontists so you can be highly educated about the helpful instructions to follow afterward.

Nerve Damage

Although it's rare, sometimes you can understand your dental nerves and their surrounding tissues are significantly damaged after the process. It's usually because of the improper techniques a surgeon applied during the process. You can choose our clinic if you want the highest quality implant services in North York without being worried about such complications.

Bone Loss

While some degree of bone loss is expected over time, an excessive amount of it can put your implants in danger. On such occasions, you have to visit our dentists for a bone graft to preserve your oral wellness. Make your first appointment right now!



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