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If you want a highly skilled oral surgeon performing painless and successful wisdom tooth extraction in North
, Amirad Family Dentistry will undoubtedly be among the best choices.

FAQs Answered by Wisdom Tooth Extraction Specialists

Apart from the information already provided about our North York wisdom tooth extraction services, we acknowledge that patients may have valid concerns and questions regarding the dental procedure. At Amirad Family Dentistry, our North York clinic, we ensure that our dental professionals provide the best responses to patients’ most frequently asked questions during their wisdom tooth extraction surgery. 

There are several advantages to timely removal of wisdom teeth in North York:


Eliminating the Risk of dental overcrowding

Wisdom teeth often attempt to emerge within limited space, potentially leading to dental overcrowding. By promptly extracting them, you can avert the risk of misalignment and the need for orthodontic procedures.


Alleviation of oral pain and discomfort

Impacted or partially erupted wisdom teeth can potentially lead to considerable oral pain and discomfort. As our North York wisdom teeth expert recommends, timely removal of these teeth can provide relief from these symptoms and enhance overall oral comfort.


Safeguarding oral health

Due to their location at the back of the mouth, wisdom teeth pose challenges for cleaning and maintenance. This increases the likelihood of tooth decay, gum disease, and infections. Prompt extraction of wisdom teeth reduces the risk of developing these oral health issues.


Preventing future complications

Delaying the process of wisdom teeth removal can complicate the extraction procedure and raise the risk of further complications. Taking prompt action minimizes the likelihood of such complications and streamlines the recovery process.

North York wisdom teeth removal is the only way to stay away from life-threatening issues caused by impacted wisdom teeth.

As our esteemed wisdom tooth specialist in North York states, wisdom tooth extraction becomes imperative when it is determined that these teeth encounter insufficient space within the jawbone to fully erupt. Below, a list of indicators that signify the necessity for wisdom teeth removal in North York is provided:

  • Extensive & persistent toothache
  • Jaw discomfort
  • Gum inflammation, swelling, and redness
  • Gum bleeding
  • Impacted teeth
  • Oral infections near the location of wisdom teeth

Please do not hesitate to call us immediately if you experience any of the mentioned symptoms. At Amirad Family Dentistry, we are dedicated to safeguarding your oral health by providing effective and comfortable dental extraction services in North York.

In general, with professional wisdom tooth extraction, the recovery time is not too extensive. Typically, patients need to take care of their oral health for about two weeks to achieve the desired results and feel comfortable. However, it is essential to note that patients may experience some challenges during this period, such as swollen cheeks and mouth, mild pain, and bleeding. 

At Amirad Family Dentistry, our experienced wisdom tooth extraction specialists will guide you through every step of the process, from the initial consultation to the complete recovery period. Our dental professionals will provide you with detailed instructions on how to take care of your oral health during the recovery period and will be available to address any concerns or questions that you may have. 

If you desire a faster healing period after your wisdom tooth extraction, our wisdom tooth extraction experts in North York can provide you with helpful tips and recommendations. These tips include taking pain relievers, avoiding mouthwash, consuming soft foods, using ice packs, and more. 

Absolutely not. Once it is determined that your wisdom teeth need to be extracted, the first crucial step your Toronto wisdom teeth specialist will take is administering local anesthesia to ensure you experience no pain or discomfort during the extraction process.


In our clinic, we place a strong emphasis on prioritizing your comfort, especially during necessary dental treatments such as wisdom tooth extraction in Toronto.

Contact us anytime you need our help.


According to our Toronto wisdom tooth expert, you can return to your routine lifestyle after a few days. By following the below tips, you can significantly speed up your recovery period:

Sticking to Soft Food

Soft & liquid consumption, such as soups and fruit juice, is the ideal choice after wisdom tooth extraction.


Paying Attention to Your Oral Hygiene Habits

While it is advised to refrain from brushing the surgical area for at least 48 hours, it is important to maintain oral hygiene to prevent dental infection. It is highly recommended to use mouthwash to clean the interior parts of your mouth following dental extraction services in Toronto.


Painless Wisdom Tooth Extraction in North York

Amirad Family Dentistry is a state-of-the-art dental clinic that boasts a team of highly trained dental specialists who specialize in providing wisdom tooth extraction services in North York and the surrounding areas. Our clinic is equipped with modern technology, enabling us to perform wisdom tooth extraction procedures efficiently, effectively, and at an affordable price. You can reach out to our team by calling (416) 221-9000 to schedule an appointment and get rid of your wisdom tooth complications.


wisdom tooth extraction

Esteemed Wisdom Tooth Specialist in North York

If you are looking for superior wisdom tooth extraction in North YorkAmirad Family Dentistry is the go-to destination for you. 

We ensure that our valued patients experience minimal pain and discomfort during the procedure and strive to make the entire North York wisdom teeth extraction process as stress-free as possible.

Make a phone call and see what we can do for you!

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How Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Done?

When a wisdom tooth does not have enough space to grow and becomes impacted, it can cause pain, infection, or other dental issues. In such cases, the best solution is to have the tooth extracted. Our North York wisdom teeth removal dentist numbs the area around the tooth and then carefully removes it from the gum tissue and jawbone.


If you are dealing with pain due to an impacted wisdom tooth and require a painless wisdom tooth extraction in North York, Amirad Family Dentistry is here to assist you. Our team of dental professionals specializes in wisdom tooth extraction and can evaluate your specific case to determine the best course of action to alleviate your symptoms and prevent any further oral health issues.


Furthermore, our dental clinic is renowned for providing a complete range of both restorative and cosmetic dental treatments to help you achieve healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. Our dental services include emergency dental treatmentsroot canal therapyteeth whiteningdental veneers, and dentures, just to name a few. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you prefer to consult with our cosmetic & emergency dentist in North York.

Painless Wisdom Tooth Extraction in North York

The Problems Caused by Impacted Wisdom Teeth

When it comes to impacted wisdom teeth, they may only partially emerge or not emerge at all, which can result in various oral health issues. Our experienced North York wisdom tooth extraction specialists advise individuals to undergo wisdom teeth extraction as soon as possible for the following reasons:

  • The impacted tooth can cause pain and discomfort, making eating, speaking, or performing everyday activities difficult.
  • It can increase the risk of life-threatening gum disease & dental decays, as they can be difficult to clean properly.
  • Impacted teeth can damage nearby teeth and cause misalignment, leading to bite problems and other dental issues.
  • It can cause cysts or tumors around the tooth, damaging the jawbone and surrounding teeth.

The Necessity of Extracting Wisdom Teeth Promptly

When your wisdom teeth don’t have sufficient room on your jawbone to complete their eruptions, they may become impacted and have several adverse consequences. In such cases, there’s no better solution than tooth extraction in Toronto to prevent further complex conditions. In the following parts, we outline some examples of urgent dental issues that can be easily prevented by undergoing wisdom teeth extraction in Toronto in the early stages: 

  • Sharp & persistent toothaches
  • The risk of severe infection, dental decays, and the need for endodontic treatments
  • Severe injuries to the surrounding teeth and structures
  • Misaligned teeth and the need for orthodontic treatments

The Obvious Signs that Indicate You Need Wisdom Teeth Removal

Generally, staying in good contact with your professional general dentists is the best way to know whether your wisdom teeth should be extracted. However, some clear symptoms indicate tooth extraction services is required to maintain oral health. Below, we list some of these important signs:

  • Extreme & continued dental pain
  • Minor orthodontic issues
  • Swollen gums
  • Redness around the affected area
  • Bad Breath
  • Fever

The good news is that at Amirad Family Dentistry, we take pride in working with professionally equipped dental professionals who will provide you with a successful wisdom tooth extraction in Toronto before experiencing the mentioned symptoms.


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