Your First Visit

When you schedule your first visit to our office for a check up and dental cleaning we will need to know your previous provider as we will need to request any current x-rays that they may have on file for you. This way, it will save you from having to pay for new x-rays.
In some instances, dental offices will require your written permission to release your x-rays and may even charge a fee for duplication of them.

New Patient Forms

On the day of your first appointment, we will provide a full check-up, x-rays (if needed) and a dental cleaning.
You can plan to be here for approximately 60-90 minutes. You will be asked to come approximately 15 minutes before your appointment time to fill out your new patient forms or you can download them from our website and fill them out ahead of time.

Comprehensive Examination

During a comprehensive examination, we will look at much more than just your teeth. We will check other area inside and outside your mouth for signs of disease or other problems. The comprehensive exam likely will include these evaluations:

We will check head and neck, your temporomandibular joint, your salivary  glands, and lymph nodes in your neck area.

The soft tissues of the mouth include the tongue, the inside of the lips and cheeks, and the floor and roof of the mouth. Your dentist will look at these areas to check for spots, cuts, swellings, growths or other abnormal areas that may indicate problems with oral health.

A periodontal examination involves checking the gums and supporting structures of the teeth.

Dentist may check how well your teeth fit together by examining your bite.

Thorough check for decay by looking at every tooth surface using a mirror to see the back sides of teeth with a tool called an explorer to detect cavities.

X-rays, also called radiographs, will be taken to help your dentist look for decay (cavities) or other oral health problems that cannot be seen during the clinical exam.

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